Why is Training Important for Creating Wealth Online

Why is Training Important for Creating Wealth Online

“Why is Training Important?”  Especially for creating wealth online you might be wondering.  Let me take a few minutes of you time to explain.

All the information available on the internet today should make things easy to create wealth online right?  WRONG! The information is scattered in pieces everywhere do you know where to look?

Say you find all the pieces putting them together in the right order is your next big step to wealth.  Which piece of information do you begin with?

Listen up I have a simple proven method that can take all the time out of you doing all this research.  This has been working for years why re-invent the wheel when it works?

Would you like to have a look at this prior to making any commitment?  Well, I am going to extend to you an invitation that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Want to bypass reading my whole article which I wish you wouldn’t do, but I understand the impatience of most people especially when they have other things to do.

Click on the box below – it will take you to the “Create Your Free Account Now” screen – don’t worry there is no credit card required this is seriously a FREE deal!

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Training for Online

People think that working online is a simple and easy way of creating wealth, but without the proper training or knowing what to do this is never going to happen.

WA OEC Training Level 1

Many gurus and online entrepreneurs claim they have all the secrets to working online and are willing to share them with you.  What is this going to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars for you to hear them speak.

What if I am able to give you the exact same training only it is not going to cost you anywhere near what these gurus and online entrepreneurs want you to pay for their system?

Sure there are some systems out there that work do not get me wrong, however, they do not come with one on one coaching and a whole community of experienced people to help you 24/7 when you get stuck.

Another problem with these programs is all the up sales to get to the next step. They start out nice and affordable let us say at $47.00.

When you get finished with this level you cannot move forward until you shell out another $97.00, of course, it does not stop with that level either.

Before you know it you are looking at spending $1,997.00 to get you to where you need to be before even starting to work on your own business model.

This does not include domains and hosting either another expense that they do not inform you about when you spent that first $47.00.

Training for FREE


Now I am willing to offer you for FREE a whole seven days of training two levels with ten lessons each one is for Online Entrepreneur Training and the other is called Boot Camp.

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In the Online Entrepreneur Training the ten lessons included in level one covers:

  1. Getting Started – With Video Instructions – Welcomes you to the community.
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online – Video Instructions
  3. Choosing a Niche – Video Instructions – Covers what a niche is
  4. Building your own Niche Website -Video Instructions
  5. Setting Up your Website – Video Instructions
  6. Getting your Website Ready for Search Engines – Video Instructions
  7. Creating your initial Website Content – Video Instructions
  8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website – Video Instructions
  9. Understanding Keywords – Video Instructions
  10. Congratulations – Your next steps are . . . .

Boot Camp consists of the Level One Training with ten lessons covering:

  1. Getting Started – All of these lessons also come with Video Instructions
  2. Choosing Your Direction
  3. Building Your Website
  4. A Website Look Around
  5. Activating Your Plugins
  6. Getting Your Website Ready for SEO
  7. Your Initial Framework of Content
  8. Understanding the Keyword Research Process
  9. Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews
  10. The Exciting Journey has Begun

Sure this looks like so much and it seriously is from this you can create a complete website plus have it search engine ready.  Wait a second there is more, here is one of the best parts of the FREE training.

Along with all of this training you are going to get 2 (two) FREE websites plus FREE hosting of these two websites.

Have you checked out what a website cost not to mention the hosting?  This is not for just one but 2 (two) websites, wait not finished do they include Site Speed, SSL certification, and Site Protection (Spam Blocker)?

So when you go to figure out prices for 2 (two) websites and hosting make sure to see what they are going to charge you for the Site Speed, SSL certification, and Site Protection (Spam Blocker) for both websites.

Additionally, with Training

Now if that was not enough for FREE for seven days.  You need to see if this community would be something you are interested in there are some additional added bonuses here.

honesty is the best policy

You receive Live Chat help for when you have questions available 24/7 and 365 days a year to speak with the other members of the community some have been there since the inception, since 2005.

With FREE membership comes two classrooms where you can participate in asking questions or looking for answers from other members.

During this time you will have access to the owners of the company, seriously Kyle and Carson the owners make themselves available to the community on a regular basis.

When you sign up for this program you are never alone you will receive one on one coaching for the first seven days included for FREE.

If you decide that this program is for you then you have a one on one coach for as long as needed.  This is included with the Premium Membership.

Big Question

woman with question marks above headWhat does all of this cost?

After going through seven days for FREE and you have decided you want to become a Premium Member everything changes the benefits become huge.

Seriously, I do not want to spoil it for you with the number of benefits and it would take me ten pages just to list them all without giving any descriptions about what all they do for you.

So the cost for your first month would be, hey how about a discount, at only $19.00.

After that, the monthly rate for Premium Membership is $49.00 and there is a discount if you can pay yearly which is only $359.00 a savings of almost $20.00 off the monthly rate.

Want to hear the best deal the owners have decided to add a 6-month membership plan to the Premium Membership!  Making savings nice for those who cannot afford the yearly membership.  See the chart below.

New Page Membership Options


The only other money you ever spend is to purchase your own domain names and through the program, the most expensive domain name I have seen is $15.99 for a whole year.

In Closing

Now I am not one to tell anyone what they should or should not do!  But if you are looking for an honest way to make money online and not be taken in by any of those gurus or scammers sign up here you will not be sorry you did.

People should only let other people know what really works if they have tried it themselves is my opinion.  I am here to let you know this works or I would not be here telling you about it now 🙂

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Should you have questions, suggestions, or comments please leave them in the space provided below want to talk to me personal shoot me an email at affiliatemarketingforbeginners2@gmail.com

Thanks for taking your time to completely read my article.

Best wishes for future success,


6 thoughts on “Why is Training Important for Creating Wealth Online”

  1. This program is so wonderful, and the training is amazing.  With this program, though, you can keep the free membership as long as you like. You literally never have to upgrade if you don’t want to, but you need to upgrade to take advantage of ALL the training the program offers.  I love the keyword research tool, also, which helps you choose the proper optimized titles for your posts.  I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

    • Babs,

      Thank you for checking out my website what you are confirming for me is great.  This platform is the best on the internet that anyone could imagine or even wish for.  The community here is beyond helpful they bend over backwards to make sure you will succeed in running an online business.

      Stop back anytime and thanks for coming.


  2. You have hit the nail on the head with your review! I had been looking for a way to make money online and was simply tired of all the scams I was running into. One right after another. Then I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and I have not looked back. The training I received during the free seven days was amazing and I had a website up and running! I wanted more, though and so I signed on for a year! Now I am so excited to be able to save even more money with the Black Friday deal! For the amount of benefits you get through this amazing company, I can’t complain!

    • Karin,

      Thank you for stopping by my website and confirming that WA is the only place available on the internet with so many benefits to offer that it provides people with all the necessary training and tools needed all under one roof.

      I will never look back the price is so low compared to anything else out there and you seriously learn how to properly build an online business that will make you money for years to come.


  3. I like the way you focus on the importance of training and support in any online project.  That is what sold me originally and what keeps me going when I get stuck.

    I believe the quantity and quality of the training here at WA is one of our best selling points.

    Building a website that produces an income is not easy, people who are looking into this opportunity need to know up front that they have an awesome support group and awesome training, all included without extra costs….

    Great looking website too…  Great job Susan.

    • Raymond,

      This is exactly the points I was trying to get across to everyone visiting my website so thank you very much for confirming the fact that everything is in the training.  The cost is the best anyone is going to find when should they take the time to compare WA with any of the other places out there.  Sure they offer a free website builder but have no training or support here we have that all included and of course the incentive of seven days FREE with two websites hosted by WA for as long as you remain active you can keep your FREE membership.

      Thank you,



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